How much does it cost for bat removal from an attic?

With unique licensing and liability costs, bat removal services are highly specialized.  For removal and exclusion, small and mid-sized colonies run anywhere from $300 – 8000.

A home will often need to have clean up provided for guano, which can be an extra $600 – 8500 in addition to removal costs. Depending on the house’s size, the colony, and how much damage they have done will ultimately determine the cost.

An initial roof and attic check will run from $100 to 300.

However, inspection fees are usually applied to the removal and exclusion costs.

Bats in the attic – Costs From Inspection and Removal to Exclusion and Repairs

Typically, attic bat extermination costs $300 – 1500. A contractor charges a flat rate that includes everything from the equipment to the job. Each step, however, has varying costs.

  • Inspection: $0 – 300 dollars. Some pros do not charge for an inspection, while if the homeowner signs with them, others deduct inspections from the cost of removal.
  • Exclusion: $300 – 5,000 dollars and up. The costs involved for bat removal from an attic usually depends on the size of the house, the difficulty to access the area the bats reside in, and the colony size. This price usually involves the entries being sealed, but be sure to ask.
  • Cleanup: $600 – 5000 dollars and up. This depends on the amount of guano left behind, really. It is not always necessary, but it is dangerous work. Always try to hire a professional.
  • Repairs: $2500 – 5000 dollars. They are not always necessary. The homeowner might not have a choice, however, if the guano penetrates the insulation and any unprotected drywall.