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Because of their tendency of dwelling in houses, bats are frequently categorized as a nuisance species. The following are the most typical complaints:

  • Bats have taken up residence in the attic.
  • Bats have taken up residence in the chimney.
  • Due to bat droppings, there is an odor.
  • Bats swarming over the structure
  • A stray bat has become entrapped within the house.

Many individuals want bat colonies removed from the building for these reasons. Please keep in mind that this is a unique service.

Because this is such a prevalent problem, I’ve included a guide with images on how to remove bats out of the attic. Read my bat in the house page if you only have a single bat (or two) flying around inside your house and need to get it outside securely. I’ve also developed a page about removing bats from the chimney. A quick guide to getting bats out of buildings is provided here. Please read the instructions and then click on the links for more details. Finally, I must be candid with you: it is not simple task, especially for novices. Before I got excellent at it, I did a few dozen bat jobs and made a lot of significant blunders. Please consider hiring a professional if you need bat removal for the protection of your health, property, and even the bats. Because I investigated it myself, this list is arguably the best resource of bat control experts in the country.

How to Get Bats Out of Buildings (Bat Removal)

Step 1: Conduct a thorough inspection of the building. This is done to figure out exactly how the bats get in and out. To read more about how to do a bat examination, click here.

Step 2: Inspect the attic and learn how to identify the bat species. Because various bats have distinct hibernation and birthing seasons, this is crucial. On my colonizing bat species page, you may read more.

Step 3: Remove the bats from the area and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRAP THEM. Read why you should avoid bat traps and instead opt for bat exclusion, which entails allowing bats to fly out but not back into the building.

Step 4: Completely seal the house to keep bats out for good. In fact, much of this is done before the exclusion – just don’t seal up the key escape points while there are bats inside!! On my bat prevention page, you can read more about how to properly seal the building.

Step 5: Clean the attic, walls, or other areas where bats roost and defecate. More information can be found on my page on how to clean bat guano.

I made these instructions on how to get bats out of buildings for a friend who was starting his own wildlife removal service a while back, and I think they’ll be useful to others as well, with lots of good photographs and instructions.