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“The Critter Team is a full-service animal removal company serving the greater Houston area. We possess the knowledge and experience to solve difficult wildlife removal problems at affordable prices. We are licensed & insured, and are also veteran owned & operated.”

Wildlife Control Services

For the best wildlife control services Houston Texas has to offer, choose the professionals at The Critter Team. Our team of wildlife removal professionals will safely and humanely remove any unwanted animals from your property. Whether you’re looking to get rid of a squirrel or raccoon, you’ll find that we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some of the most common wildlife problems and how The Critter Team can help you.

Squirrel Removal

If you are experiencing pest issues around your home or business, you should call The Critter Team. They specialize in animal removal in a safe and humane manner. They have an excellent track record of eliminating problems in a timely manner. Whether you are experiencing a rat problem on your property or are seeing the signs of a raccoon infestation, call The Critter Team for fast, effective animal control.

Bats are protected in Texas and are beneficial to the environment. Bats can cause a health risk if they live in a home, but the Critter Team wildlife control Houston Texas specialists will safely remove the bats from your property and seal up any entry points. Although bats are most common during the spring and fall seasons, you can call The Critter Team anytime for squirrel removal. You can contact them for a free estimate and expert advice.

Squirrels are another common problem animal. While they are non-aggressive when caring for their young, they are prone to chewing on wiring and electrical fixtures. Squirrels are notorious for chewing electrical wires, support beams, and drywall insulation. This can lead to costly repairs. A squirrel infestation can be extremely disruptive and even dangerous. The Critter Team offers affordable wildlife control Houston Texas services to get rid of squirrel problems.

Armadillo Removal

Are you concerned about armadillos in your home? Unlike other rodents, armadillos live in burrows, underground tunnels that connect to one another. Because they live in burrows, identifying an active tunnel can help you flush out the armadillos. In addition to their burrows, armadillos are often found alone or in groups.

Armadillos have a reputation for damaging landscapes, leaving mounds of dug up soil in their wake. This nocturnal animal also has a penchant for digging holes in buildings and landscaping. They can destroy lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees. You may need wildlife control Houston Texas experts to effectively remove armadillos from your property.

Raccoons and armadillos are common pests that often invade a home or business. While they can scratch up a car, they will often chew through walls. Armadillos can also be dangerous, carrying diseases and scratching surfaces. Wildlife control Houston Texas should be contacted as soon as you notice a nuisance animal in your home. However, a critter infestation doesn’t necessarily mean that a person needs to move out.

Raccoon Removal

If you are experiencing an animal invasion on your property, you need the services of a reputable wildlife control company. The Critter Team specializes in safe removal of wild animals, pest control, exclusion, and wildlife management. They are licensed and insured, and possess the necessary training and licensing to safely remove pest animals from properties. We also handle both live and dead wildlife, so you can rest easy knowing that no harm will come to your property.

In Houston, The Critter Team is a premier provider of professional services for wildlife removal and management. They have been in the business for over 30 years, and have knowledge of all types of bats and their behavior. The team also offers integrated wildlife management, animal damage repair, and anti-cruelty personnel. In addition to providing wildlife control, these companies provide services for damage repair and insulation replacement. They have offices across the United States, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Austin.

Squirrel Removal

If you have a problem with a rat or squirrel in your home, you may want to contact The Critter Team. Our team of Houston wildlife control professionals can remove these pests from your home and help keep your property free from critters. We specialize in exclusion and trapping methods. Call us for a free estimate today! We can help you get rid of your problem quickly. We also offer affordable rates for all of our Houston wildlife control services.

Rats, mice, and other pests that inhabit cities are the number one reason people call us for wildlife control Houston. Rodents can cause health problems for humans, chew on wires, and contaminate food. Raccoons are notorious urban nuisances. They will also rip holes in roofs, raid dumpsters, and kill decorative fish. No matter the reason, if you’re dealing with a pest, it’s worth calling The Critter Team for help!

Snake Removal

If you’re looking for reliable snake control in Houston, TX, call The Critter Team. We offer snake trapping, wildlife decontamination, and damage repair services. Our team of snake control Houston specialists is fully trained and certified to handle both venomous and non-venomous snakes. They also know how to identify wild animals and how to safely remove them from your property. You can contact us today for a free quote.

Critter Team is a professional wildlife control company with over 15 years of experience. Using humane techniques, they can quickly and safely remove all types of nuisance wildlife. In addition to removing the animals, we can also perform repairs and sanitation work to make your home or business as good as new. And because we’re certified by the American Humane Association (AHA), you can rest easy knowing that your problem is in the hands of a reputable wildlife control company.

Animal control in Houston is regulated by Animal Control and Texas Fish & Wildlife. Houston wildlife control professionals must be licensed and insured and must follow all animal laws. Our Houston wildlife removal services include raccoon, squirrel, bat, and possum removal. In addition to providing professional wildlife removal, our team also performs a free inspection of your home and seals any possible entrance points. And we use humane methods whenever possible.

Bird Control

If you’re having trouble dealing with an animal in your home, consider contacting The Critter Team for Houston wildlife control services. The company specializes in getting rid of both live and dead animals safely, so you can enjoy your home without worrying about the wildlife. In addition to providing wildlife removal services, they offer comprehensive solutions to wildlife problems. These experts have experience working with a variety of animals and can provide the most effective solutions for your home.

If you’re having a problem with snakes, call a qualified animal control specialist to take care of the problem. Critter Team experts are trained to handle all Houston snake species and possess the equipment necessary to safely remove them. They’re also friendly and offer excellent customer service. A trained animal control specialist can safely remove snakes from your home, whether it’s a domestic snake or a dangerous snake.

Roof Rat Removal

If you live in the city of Houston, Texas, you are probably familiar with the nuisance wildlife that can cause many problems, including rats and mice. These pests are known to contaminate food and chew on wires, not to mention spreading diseases. Raccoons, on the other hand, are a common nuisance and can cause many problems, including destroying decorative fish and ripping holes in roofs. The Critter Team is here to help!

The Critter Team provides reliable nuisance snake removal services in the Houston area. Its technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and specialize in wildlife damage repair and decontamination. Its expert snake removal technicians are trained to safely and humanely remove all Houston snake species. Their technicians have extensive training and experience identifying and removing both venomous and nonvenomous snakes. Their services also include bat and bird removal.

Squirrels are a common nuisance wildlife in Houston Texas, as they often run wild and chew up wires and power lines. In addition to chewing up wires, they can also gnaw on electrical wiring and cause major problems for homes. The Critter Team wildlife control Houston Texas offers solutions to these problems by trapping and exclusion, as well as repairing or restoring attics. You can rest easy knowing that all work related to rat removal in Houston is fully insured and warrantied for one to three years.

Animal Removal Services

A good company will know all the types of wild animals and how to safely remove them. They will know the best ways to trap and remove the animals from your property. They will use the most humane methods, so the animals will not get injured. They will also use traps and exclusion techniques. The Critter Team is the best company to call when you have wild animals in your home. These animals can cause major damage to your property, and can put your family’s health at risk.

If you want to prevent future infestations of wild animals in your home, consider hiring Wildlife Control Houston. They specialize in wildlife control and removal of nuisance animals in Houston, Texas. They use professional trapping techniques and baits to get rid of any wildlife problem. If you have a large wildlife problem, they will seal the entry points and use humane trapping methods. This service is guaranteed and will provide you with peace of mind.

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