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The Critter Squad Inc. is a fully licensed and insured nuisance wildlife control company that specializes in resolving all types of wildlife problems in Lake Jackson utilizing the most up-to-date and compassionate methods. The difference between our pest control and animal removal services is that we solely handle with and remove wildlife. We do not handle dog or cat calls or insects, as do other wildlife removal firms. Our expertise is in humanely removing wildlife from residential and commercial properties, as well as home repairs for animal damage. We conduct thorough attic cleanouts, insulation restorations, and more to ensure that the animals do not return. The Critter Squad Inc. can handle any problem with top-notch nuisance animal control and removal! Every piece of work we do is backed by a written GUARANTEE. We are also members of the NWCOA.

Tori BoeningTori Boening
14:37 18 Dec 21
I would highly recommend The Critter Squad in Lake Jackson! The technicians are trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable with all facets of getting rid of nuisance wildlife. We had animals in the attic that were making noise in middle of the night.... Jimmy had trappers out the very next morning and the animal removal was complete within 48 hours. They offered us solutions as well to animal proof our home to prevent future wildlife entry. We couldn’t be more pleased and appreciative for the Lake Jackson wildlife removal professionals at The Critter Squad more
Taylor HohmanTaylor Hohman
21:19 14 Nov 21

Bat Removal in Lake Jackson

In Lake Jackson, TX, we specialize in humane bat removal and comprehensive guano decontamination for both residential and commercial properties. Bats frequently gain access to homes through poorly constructed or maintained vents, such as gable or ridge vents, and into attics. They can also get in through chimneys. A bat infestation can enter through a hole little larger than 1/2 inch in diameter. Texas bats that require bat control are classified as Chiroptera species. Licensed and insured, we employ Bat Conservation International-approved bat control methods to safely and legally remove roosting bat colonies (outside of bat maternity season) without causing damage to your building or putting your tenants at risk. To begin the bat exclusion process, give us a call. Rabies and histoplasmosis have been linked to bats.

Armadillo Removal in Lake Jackson, Texas

Armadillos are great diggers and may frequently dig a massive burrow near to a house, displacing a large amount of earth. Every night, they dig numerous different tunnels in the same area in search of worms and grubs. Their method produces holes that are around 1 to 3 inches deep and 3 to 5 inches wide. Armadillos, unlike other nuisance wild animals, pose minimal threat to people. Professional critter control, such as an underground barrier that feeds a few feet into the ground to discourage digging, is one approach to keep armadillos away. Without adequate protection, armadillo trapping can cause scratches and raise the risk of catching an unwelcome disease.

Raccoon Removal in Lake Jackson, TX

A raccoon only needs a little opening to get entrance to your Lake Jackson Texas home or business. If you have a raccoon in your attic, it is likely that the raccoon will contaminate insulation, chew through building components, and munch on electrical lines. Raccoons can be dangerous to your health. It’s critical to call as soon as you discover a raccoon in your attic. Only licensed and insured raccoon removal experts with a wildlife removal permit are qualified to deal raccoon issues. Our crew has the skills and experience to perform professional raccoon removal and raccoon exclusion services in Lake Jackson, Texas. We can assist you in removing the raccoons from your attic. Raccoons are linked to rabies and raccoon roundworm.

Squirrel Removal in Lake Jackson

Squirrels are a common annoyance, however they are usually non-aggressive until confronted when caring for their young. Squirrels, while entertaining to watch, may readily gain access to our homes and businesses. They begin causing soffit, attic, and roof damage once they have gained entry. They will gnaw/chew on wood as well as electrical wiring insulation, which can cause electrical fires, because they are great chewers (they must chew to file their teeth down or they will continue to grow). Once the squirrels have been removed from the attic, odor removal services are required to prevent additional animals from being drawn to the area. After squirrel removal, the home or structure must be “squirrel proofed,” also known as wildlife exclusion, to ensure that the problem does not recur.

Skunk Removal in Lake Jackson, Texas

Skunks are one of the most misunderstood texas natural critters in any neighborhood, in our view. Skunks are thought to be smelly wild animals by the majority of people. It’s the animal’s spray that stinks, not the animal itself. The skunk may lift its tail and stamp the ground if a human stays very still and makes no quick or threatening motions or makes loud noises, but in most cases, the skunk will just turn and run in the opposite direction. Remember, they’re trying to avoid a confrontation. Skunks are burrowing animals that dig under homes, sheds, patios, carports, air conditioners, and/or any other building with loose earth around it. In most cases, a skunk can be trapped and then skunk proofed to ensure the animal from returning.

Snake Removal in Lake Jackson, TX

When a snake enters, it frequently uses the same entrance/exit point as a rodent and follows the scent trails left behind by that rodent in search of food. In our area, there are toxic snake species that can be highly aggressive when encountered. If a snake makes its way into your home or business, give us a call right away for Lake Jackson snake removal! Not only can we remove the snake in a humane manner, but we can also snake-proof your home by installing snake exclusion devices over the main entry points in case there are any more snakes within. Quite often, it becomes important to start a pest control campaign at the same time as eradicating the food sources that the snake has been pursuing.

Roof Rat Removal in Lake Jackson, TX

We definitely find rats in 50-70 percent of the homes we work on. There’s a strong chance you already have them and aren’t aware of it. It’s easy to overlook something that isn’t visible, but you don’t want rodents in your attic, particularly roof rats. Roof rats chew electrical wiring insulation, their urine and excrement pose a serious health risk, and they leave a smell trail for predators like snakes to follow. In fact, rats residing in the attic are found in almost every home snake call we receive. After rat removal, the proper technique of permanently resolving the problem is to cover all entry sites with materials that they cannot chew through, and then trap and exterminate all of the rats. Poisoning them or trapping them without rat-proofing the home will not solve the problem; it’s not always the lone animal that needs to be removed.

Opossum Control in Lake Jackson, Texas

Opossums are spooky little animals with a strong odor, but they are otherwise harmless. Opossums are not disease carriers, are not aggressive, do not destroy property, are nomadic by nature, and just enjoy roaming the neighborhood in pursuit of their next meal, contrary to popular assumption. Opossums are simple to catch and relocate. In rare cases, a little habitat adjustment, such as not putting pet food out all night or firmly covering the tops of garbage cans, may be required once the possum has been relocated to prevent recurrence sightings.

Bird Control in Lake Jackson, TX

Bird removal can be a difficult task. Even the tiniest of birds may wreak havoc on a homeowner’s property. Dealing with birds nesting on exhaust vents is a nightmare. Another issue with bird control is attic nesting. The weight of bird nesting can be so great that it might pull a ceiling down. We do both commercial and residential bird control in Lake Jackson. Following the removal of bird nests, we also provide full disinfection services.

Serving Jersey Village, Aldine, Friendswood, League City, Texas City, Pearland, Missouri City, Lake Jackson, Mission Bend, Bellaire, Hedwig Village, Katy, Richmond, and Rosenberg, as well as the adjacent Brazoria County regions. If you require professional Lake Jackson TX animal removal services, please contact us right now!

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