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Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. is a rodent removal company based in Lake Mary, Florida. They are known for providing safe, fast, and effective solutions to get rid of rats and other rodents. Besides removing rodents, they also offer services to prevent these animals from entering homes again by sealing up potential entry points. This company operates with a focus on protecting your home and family from the damage and health risks associated with rodents.

Customers have praised Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. for their professionalism and efficiency. For instance, one testimonial highlighted how the company’s crew quickly arrived at a client’s home, identified the entry point for rats into the attic, and provided helpful information throughout the process. This kind of service has led to positive feedback from the community.

Pest Control Services Offered

Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at controlling rodent problems in homes. Their services include home inspections, rat trapping, and home rodent seal-up and exclusion work, ensuring a thorough approach to rodent management and prevention.

Home Inspections for Rodent Entry

An essential first step, home inspections, allow the experts from Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. to identify how rodents are entering your home. This process involves a detailed examination of the exterior and interior of your home, searching for any signs of rodent activity and potential entry points. By understanding where and how rodents are getting in, they can tailor a specific plan to address the problem effectively.

Rat Trapping

After identifying the presence of rats, the company employs safe and humane trapping methods to capture and remove these pests from your home. This step is critical in immediately reducing the rodent population and preventing further damage or health risks. The professionals at Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. have the experience and tools to set up traps effectively, ensuring that rats are caught quickly and with minimal disruption to your home.

Home Rodent Seal-Up and Exclusion Work

To prevent future infestations, Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. offers seal-up and exclusion services. This part of their service involves sealing up holes, cracks, and other potential entry points identified during the home inspection. By blocking these entryways, they can keep new rodents from entering your home. This preventative measure is a long-term solution to rodent problems, ensuring your home remains rodent-free.

Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. combines these services to offer a comprehensive solution to rodent problems. Starting with a thorough inspection, followed by effective trapping, and concluding with preventative exclusion work, they cover all bases to ensure your home is protected from rodents.

Service Areas

  1. Orlando: As the largest city near Lake Mary, Orlando is known for high populations of roof rats that infest attics of homes along with other areas.
  2. Sanford: Close to Lake Mary, Sanford offers a mix of historical sites, waterfront attractions, and residential areas. Its proximity makes it a key service area for addressing household and commercial rodent problems.
  3. Altamonte Springs: This city is known for its shopping centers, parks, and residential communities. Providing services in Altamonte Springs helps meet the rodent control needs of both homeowners and businesses.
  4. Winter Park: With its scenic avenues, cultural attractions, and upscale neighborhoods, Winter Park is another important service area. Effective rodent control is essential for maintaining the area’s quality of life.
  5. Longwood: Neighboring Lake Mary, Longwood’s historic districts and beautiful parks make it a significant area for rodent removal services, preserving the charm and safety of the community.
  6. Casselberry: Casselberry offers a blend of residential areas, parks, and lakes. Services here ensure that homes and recreational areas remain free from rodent infestations.
  7. Oviedo: Known for its family-friendly neighborhoods and educational institutions, Oviedo’s growth makes it a crucial area for rodent control and prevention services.
  8. Apopka: Apopka’s natural beauty and agricultural areas make it unique. Lake Mary Rat Stoppers Inc. can help protect its residential and commercial properties from rodent damage.
  9. Winter Springs: This city is recognized for its well-planned residential communities and schools. Providing services in Winter Springs is essential for maintaining the health and safety of its neighborhoods.
  10. Maitland: With its mix of historical sites, offices, and homes, Maitland requires efficient rodent control solutions to preserve its heritage and ensure the wellbeing of its residents and workers.

Listing Amenities

  • Attic Restoration
  • Damage Repair
  • Decontamination
  • Odor Removal

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