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Varment Guard offers humane Fort Wayne wildlife control services for your home and business.

Fort Wayne Animal Removal Services

Varment Guard Wildlife Services
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Home Inspection

The first step in resolving your wildlife problem is to conduct a thorough home inspection for evidence of animal entry. This inspection helps us to determine what kind of animals are entering, how they are getting in, and where they are getting in. Once the trapping process is complete, we can design the best plan of action for not just eradicating them, but also preventing them.

Animal Damage Cleanup

Our clean-up services are comprehensive from beginning to end. We remove bird nests from attics ranging in size from a shoe box to several feet tall and spanning several feet across the attic. When it comes to animal droppings, we handle the clean up from start to finish. We offer bat guano removal, as well as raccoon feces removal and all of animal waste requiring removal. When needed, we also provide full service attic insulation restoration.

Wildlife Trapping

Once nuisance animals have taken up residence in your home or attic, professional trapping is your first line of protection against them. From humane bat exclusion and bird control to squirrel, raccoon, and skunk removal, we offer humane and efficient nuisance animal removal solutions for all problematic species of Indiana wildlife.

Wildlife Exclusion

The most vital part of your wildlife control strategy is animal proofing & exclusion. Blood, hair, urine, feces, and sometimes even carcasses are left behind after a den has been vacated, making the den site essentially an open house. A skunk, squirrel, or raccoon will easily move in if no animal is there to protect the territory, and your problem will return to square one. If damage restoration has already been completed, this can be an absolute nightmare.

Fort Wayne Neighborhoods Serviced

Wallen Chase, Highland Park Forest, Irvington Park, Westwood North, North Highlands, Forest Park, Westlawn, Westfield, Hoagland Masterson, Williams-Woodland Park, Pontiac Place, South Wayne Historic District, Pontiac Place, Illsley Place, Foster Park, Harrison Hill, Southwood Park, Lafayette Place, Anthony Wayne Village, Southeast Waynedale

Listing Amenities

  • 24/7 Emergency Help
  • Attic Restoration
  • Damage Repair
  • Decontamination
  • Odor Removal


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